Securing a database

12 05 2007

Security is becoming more and more of an issue. And that includes the data in an OLTP database or a data warehouse. The ultimate source for security related Oracle issues is Pete Finnigan, of course. He was asked recently if Oracle had created a good entry point for securing a database. Mr. Finnigan was not very convinced an Oracle security newbie would be introduced properly by the presented material. He suggested however two other places he liked very much. I wanted to note them here for anybody that needs a thorough security introduction. And I include myself in the list of interested (newbie) readers when I will be securing the next database I encounter. My current environment has no extensive security requirements, but I am sure I will see these environments very soon, from close by.

Look for it here: Oracle security white papers page and here: Arup Nanda’s Project Lockdown, or go to the post mentioned above.




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