Start OWB mapping from the Design client and provide parameter(s)

19 05 2007

We recently have found the method to start a mapping from the OWB Repository Browser. And we did that all by ourselves :-). The beauty of it, we thought, was that you could provide a value for any parameters defined in the mapping. Something we could not do from the Design Client. Luckily the guys and gals from OWB development are emerging from the dark and are actively blogging about the things you can and can’t do with OWB. There is a post on orablogs now that describes how to start your mapping (or process flow) from the Design Client and provide parameter values as well.

The posts I have recently seen on the OWB blog suggest that it is advisable for anyone working with OWB to keep a tab on the blog. Lots of interesting things to do with OWB and even some promises of things to come in OWB




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10 06 2007

I want to paas parameter in owb 10.2 which is a input parameter for a mapping. When I am including the parameter in start activity of the process flow & executing from the control center its working fine .. But when I want to launch the same process flow from workflow web browser(server version 2.6.4) then I am not able to see any parameter that I have added.
Kidly help me in this regard, that how a parameter can be included in a process flow so that when a workflow will be launched from out side it should ask for a value..

I am stuck at this point..

any help will be appriciated..


11 06 2007

Hi Debashree,

As you said 2.6.4 I presume you are talking about the OWF browser. I do not know currently how that can be done because we are not using OWF as an interface. I seem to remember it was available in OWF 2.6.2. Don’t know exactly where it is any more, but it was somewhere around the starting of a workflow.
What I was talking about in the above post, was starting a workflow from the OWB repository browser. You first select the workflow you want to start via the Object node report on the main screen. When you have selected it, you get a screen where there is a ‘start’link in the top right corner. When you follow that link, you will get a screen to start the workflow with at least the default parameter for any workflow, but if you have defined your own parameter, it will be available there as well. You fill in the value and press the start button.
Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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