MySQL for datawarehouses?

2 08 2007

Nothing to do with Oracle this time, but ‘competition’ needs to be followed.

It seems MySQL is expanding it’s possibilities: BlueLithium Selects MySQL & Infobright for Analytic Data Warehouse. My first impression is that MySQL is involved but that the actual database is from Infobright. The ‘engine’ for this MySQL implementation is from that company. I read this as ‘the kernel’ is not by MySQL, just the surrounding functionality. If you replace the kernel, is it still the same ‘database’? A matter of definition of course, but a different kernel will probably mean a whole new set of SQL-like functions and a whole new set of maintenance functionality. You can still call it MySQL, but is it still the same? I tend not to think so.

It is enough reason to be interested though, and the need to delve deeper into MySQL has increased.

When will I find the time?




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