Ode to NULL (Ram Srinivasan)

9 08 2007

Reading up on oracle-l I encountered a poem. Yes, a poem! Having been bit by the null-bug more than once I could relate to the subject. Moreover, most of the people who are going read this will at least have heard about Lex de Haan and his ‘passion’ for everything concerning NULL. Jared noted that the poem should have a permanent place on the internet. Now I know a blog is nothing really permanent, but at least it is on the internet. The poem was written by Ram Srinivasan. Here it is…

Ode to Null

It is neither a mountain nor a creek;

It is neither Latin nor Greek;

It is neither strong nor weak;

It is neither courageous nor meek.

It is neither nothing nor something;

It is neither a good thing nor a bad thing;

It is neither a big thing nor a small thing;

But it is something we have to deal with among all things.

It is neither a lender nor a borrower;

It is neither a zero nor a blank;

It is neither here nor there;

But, in programming, it is everywhere.


You are neither a push nor a pull;

You always make us mull

Ov’r your dangerous effects, Oh! NULL!




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