Another ‘End to the database as we all know it’?

9 09 2007

I’m very interested to see wether this is just another storm in a glass of water or really the start of the downfall of the RDBMS. Michael Stonebraker, the author of the article, has been known to put his views down in strong words. I think you can say he knows about databases really first hand. Is he also a database guru that can play a role in the next generation of databases?

To be continued……




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10 09 2007

Typical Stonebraker:
db2, SQL Server and Oracle based on Ingres?
Yeah, sure. Guess who is still stuck in the 7u0s and believing Ingres has a bright future?

The guy just doesn’t learn, does he?

10 09 2007
Jeff Moss

I’d never read anything by Michael Stonebraker before today.

Can’t say I was impressed, as it seemed to be hot air with no real substance to the article.

I’d be far more inclined to listen to that kind of thing if it was supported by some hard evidence, i.e. benchmarks.

I’m not saying the concept doesn’t have advantages over row based approaches but it’s not exactly going to wipe out the RDBMS DW market any time soon.

I won’t be retraining just yet!

11 09 2007


There is some truth in the claim that Ingres was one of the forefathers of the currently well known, but not automatically better, RDBMS’s. It actually was one of the first working implementations of one. And you can’t blame someone that has been part of creating the current RDBMS ‘landscape’ for being proud of what has been achieved.
I do agree Stonebreaker has some stone in his opinions (hey, look at me, word play in a foreing language :-)), but strong opinions can lead to an interesting debate, as Howard is demonstrating here

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