I’m officially a ‘nutcase’

30 09 2008

I still don’t know if nutcase is the right word for the French ‘cinglé’ but it seems close to the Dutch ‘malloot’ which seems close to the French word. Anyway as I mentioned in my last post (ages ago) I was going to cycle and camp with my wife through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and France. And along the way try to climb the Mont Ventoux 3 times on one day. Thus becoming eligible for membership of the Club de cinglé du Mont Ventoux with the climbs. And just last week I received the official notification that I now am a member of the club. It is an honour to be accepted although the experience itself was hard, tiring, cold (rain in the descent), warm even hot but very gratifiing.

And the goal for next year has already been set. Some of my collegues have entered our company in a tour up the Alpe d’Huez. Not once, but six times. At least that is the personal goal. Overall goal of the tour (Dutch web site here) is to get as much money as possible for Cancer research in the Netherlands. And that is what we will be doing in between training. Get Sponsors!




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