Missing window panes in OWB editors

18 03 2009

Update 24-12-2010: In OWB 11gR2 things are a bit different. It is more difficult to hide windows and not find them back for one thing. But if you still do, instructions on what to do can be found here.

I have been having this several times. And each time I have to look for the exact location and name of the files you have to handle to fix things. So now I intend to note the reference to the blog entry and at least one forum discussion here. So I will be able to find it.

The problem at hand is that now and again the ‘Palette’ or ‘Object properties’ window pane disappear from the Mapping Editor or the Process Flow Editor. Or any other editor in OWB. No matter how often you activate or deactivate the window pane in the ‘window’ menu, it just won’t appear. I found the solution in the OWB blog, here. But, for my own sake, I will copy it in this blog entry.

Lost your panels in the UI – here is how to fix it…

I have seen people ask this question a couple of times, and there is actually an easy fix to the problem. The layout for an editor (editors are for example the mapping editor, the data object editor, the profile explorer etc.) is saved per computer to the file system. These files are written everytime the layout is changed and when running the editor OWB reads the layout. That is why, if a panel is “gone” it will stay that way…

When the product is newly installed these editor layout files are not there, so removing them is the solution to “missing panels”. Removal means the panels are appearing as they are in “factory defaults”.

You can find the layout files in “<Oracle Home>/owb/bin/admin” and they are typically either named <editorname>layout.xml (most of them) or <componentname>.layout. For example for mappings, the layout file is MappingEditorLayout.xml, for the console (the designer) the files is called console.layout.

I typically remove the file from the file system, but you may want to try renaming it if you are unsure that this is what you want to try…

Update 11gR2:
Things have changed, for better or worse we’ll have to see. Any way, here’s a link to the 11gR2 way of doing the above.




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