The title of the blog is a quote from a Dutch cartoon character. This cartoon, called ‘Tom Poes‘, started shortly after World War II in a newspaper. It quickly became very popular and the finished stories where published in books as well. During my High school days the cartoon was very much appreciated. We were even allowed to enter these books as part of our literature lists, mainly because the cartoons had very rich language in them. A somewhat old fashioned language, but there were always creative new uses of ordinary words. The title of the blog is derived from one of those uses. ‘Klein denkraam’ can be translated as ‘Small thinking frame’. Which would be of course the opposite of a large thinking frame which was attributed to one of the main characters called ‘Heer Bommel‘, Heer Bommela bear-like figure in a checkered (in later colored editions) yellow and red coat. Most of the time, Heer Bommel is a not too smart, but very friendly ‘Lord’ of a castle. The qualification for a ‘Groot denkraam’ was attributed to Heer Bommel by a character called Terpen Tijn, a painter and an artist, very much a typical Artist you would expect to see in the 50’s and 60’s. The name of the artist in English would be Turpen Tine, which can serve as an example of the way the language was used in the cartoon.

This blog is intended to contain Oracle related knowledge snippets that I come across ‘in the line of duty’. But of course, since it is my own weblog, I may digress.

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