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13 06 2007

Motorbike in the Cairngoirns

I finally made some time to edit and upload the photos I made before, during and after ‘probably the best Oracle conference ever’, as Thomas Presslie continues to say. Many of the photos have a bit of an odd resolution. I had to edit most of them to cut out a shade from one of the lenses of my camera. The camera did not function as it should have and is currently in repair. But I did not know that it needed repair when I took the photos, so then I had to edit them afterwards. At least it can be done better now with digital photos. I hate to think about doing the same with my slides from several years ago.

The photos are here

Bitmap image of a “De Stijl” bicycle.

20 05 2007

Stijl fiets

Several years ago, when windows 3.11 was the latest and the greatest I thought MS-Paint was a nice piece of software. And I fumbled around with it a lot. One of the few things that survived from that period is the image you see above. I still use it now and then. And I thought it would be nice to use it for my blog as well. Now for trying to get the image on every page. Html editing was not my thing with windows 3.11 and it isn’t right now.

Window dressing

15 05 2007

Ever since I started with Windows 3.1 I have been a sucker for fancy icons. I have been wondering for quite some time now how those small icons for web pages were included in the pages. And today I found one way to do that. I’m sure there are other (better) ways. But I wanted to note this one, at least for myself.