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I created this page as a holding place for links I have to check out, but need some time to seriously look into. Anybody that is willing to go to the links is very much invited to do so. Please come back afterwards and leave a comment if you have investigated and found it worthwile (or not).

  • Eddie Awad on a method to generate RSS feeds from forum posts from specific forum users. Especially interesting for those of us that want to become an oracle ACE?
  • Lucas Jellema on using DBMS_COMPARISON in Oracle 11g
  • Lucas Jellema again about a useful extension of the Oracle 11g SQL language, the PIVOT and UNPIVOT operators.
  • Looking at sizing of pga_aggregate_target and sga, use following query:

SELECT * -- max(value) /1024/1024/1024
FROM dba_hist_sgastat p
JOIN dba_hist_snapshot s
ON p.snap_id = s.snap_id
--where name = 'maximum PGA allocated'
ORDER BY begin_interval_time DESC

  • Upgrading from 9i to 10g and the optimizer explained
  • Weerstation Amsterdam Schiphol

  • Configurable Performance benchmark tool Swingbench

Test afstandmeten:

Fietsroute Oostzaan-Wassenaarseslag via Haarlemmermeer terug

Code om het kaartje op de site te plaatsen:

<iframe width="300px" height="300px"
        frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"



The following are 10 blogging tips I extracted from Tim Ferriss’s presentation (video below) originally titled “Scalable Blogging Behaviors: How to Grow from 1 to 1,000,000 Readers”, then re-titled to “How to Blog without Killing Yourself“:

  1. The best times to publish a post are 7am PST and 6pm EST.
  2. The best days to publish a post are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  3. Change the word “Category” to “Topic” to increase page views.
  4. Display the publishing date at the bottom of the post.
  5. Add the number of minutes it takes to read the post. Normally, it’s 250 words per minute.
  6. A post should be about one, and only one topic.
  7. Write about what you are passionate about.
  8. Use tools such as Evernote, and Twitter to gather writing material and poll for ideas.
  9. Use Google Keyword Tool to increase your Google juice.
  10. Use Flickr’s advanced search to find interesting Creative Commons photos to use in posts.

Of course the above tips worked for Tim but they may or may not work for you and me.

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